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Why are KAIBO' SSD and Thermal recipt printers not sold on e-commerce platforms?
2021-11-24 17:36:23

  With the booming development of e-commerce today, no one will deny its potential for future development. In consumer appliances, services, personal products, etc., manufacturers do their own e-commerce channels and sell products directly to end consumers. At the same time, distributors and retailers are also allowed to sell their own products. The two do not constitute a direct conflict, because manufacturers sell directly. The price will not be lower than that of the distribution retailer, and sometimes it will be higher.

  However, industrial product manufacturers rarely sell directly on e-commerce platforms. What is the reason?

  We analyze the following reasons based on customer groups, product usage, product positioning and after-sales service.

1. The customers of industrial products are mainly manufacturers. The product is matched with the customer's machine. There are a lot of purchases from such customers. And some's order is a quite few. So there will also be many changes in commodity prices.

2. There are many industrial machines, including conventional industrial machines, similar industrial machines, enterprise machines, game machines, business machines and so on. These machines have different storage and printer requirements. Industrial products pay more attention to stability and durability, and commercial products are stable and price. Game consoles fancy durability and price.

3. In addition to customized products required by customers, our industrial solid state drives will also differentiate in configuration, as well as bias on firmware, OP reserved capacity, ECC control rate, capacitance resistance level, two- and three-level insurance settings, etc. Wait. For industrial products, we attach the same importance to the order of 10,000 pieces and the order of 1 piece. Because our products serve machines, these machines bring our ideas to produce more products and services.

4. We provide customers with long-term warranty and technical support, especially technical support must be matched according to the products purchased by the customer at the time, so we establish complete orders and product production information from the first product sale. Make sure that the customer finds any problems. Can find the most accurate reason and provide a complete solution.

Therefore, KAIBO' SSD and Thermal recipt printers are mainly sold face-to-face. Modify the product configuration according to the customer's requirements to meet the customer's final requirements.

Note: Please look for KAIBO products, we continue to improve products to solve more new machine needs.

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